1. Writing and developing projects from non-reimbursable funds (EU, national, etc.)

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To access the non-reimbursable European funds, you must participate in a project competition, respecting the conditions and criteria imposed by the financier through the related guidelines and rules. It is essential to have a well-crafted project and understand the methodology for accessing grant funding, which can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

To help you make the best financing decisions, you can call on the services of a consultant who specializes in accessing grant funds, such as GuardianAngel.NET. They can help you in all stages, from the definition of the project concept, the analysis of eligibility and the selection of partners, to the elaboration of the application for financing and the preparation of all the necessary annexes.

They can also provide assistance in the submission of documentation and procurement procedures, as well as in carrying out feasibility studies, financial projections and technical-financial reports necessary for monitoring the project. If you have already obtained funding, but you are faced with difficult specific procedures, you can turn to the assistance and support services for project implementation provided by your consultant.

In conclusion, accessing non-reimbursable European funds can be an important opportunity for project development, but requires thorough preparation and specialized assistance to ensure their success.

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