myInfo Band®

Descarcă aplicațiamyInfoBand® Gestionează-ți datele despre sănătate într-un mod simplu și eficient, cu portofelul tău medical online, portabil și partajabil. Accesibil oricând și oriunde, încarcă în aplicație toate informațiile și documentele personale și medicale necesare pentru ca medicii să poată lua decizii corecte, informate, iar apropiații tăi să fie la curent cu starea ta de sănătate.…


Card with dynamic QR code

Pvc card with dynamic QR code, which points to the online profile uploaded in the mylnfoBand application. It has the shape of a card such as a health card, bank card, etc. For the first purchase, if you do not already have a bracelet in your cart or purchased one, you will also pay the value of the annual subscription for using the mylnfoBand application.


Sticker with dynamic OR code

Sticker cu cod QR dinamic, care indica catre profilul online încărcat in aplicația myInfoBand. Sticker-ul poate fi lipit pe obiecte precum: șapca, geanta, telefon, agenda etc., acesta putând fi scanat cu ușurință de către medic, fie în cazul unei urgențe sau unui simplu consult medical, care va afișa întreg portofelul tău medical. Combinații de produse…


A full range of services

We take care of you and offer you the following categories of services:


  • Monitoring the post-emergency condition of the client, hospitalization and discharge 
  • Monitoring of chronic patients
  • Monitoring physiological parameters
  • Monitoring daily activity
  • Monitoring the status of devices


  • psychological impact on vulnerable people and their families
  • nutrition
  • risk analysis


The customer is offered assistance in case of emergency by calling the unique number 112 or some contacts pre-established by him.

The medical information from the Client File is sent to the intervention team, in case the QR code cannot be accessed or they are not in a coverage area that allows access to the online database.

The intervention teams are informed about the place of the alert.

Owners are informed of the location of the alert.


  • social assistance in partnership with local, regional or national public authorities
  • for emergencies
  • for other aspects (psychological needs, health supplementation and monitoring)
  • remote medical telemedicine
  • dispatching type

Personal Skills Training COURSES



  • Writing / elaborating projects
  • Project development

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