1. De minimis financing for establishment and operation for at least 24 months:

  • The GuardianAngel.NET social enterprise is a start-up co-financed from the European Social Fund through the Human Capital Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority Axis 4: Social inclusion and combating poverty, Call for projects: POCU/449/4/16/Consolidating the capacity of enterprises to social economy to function in a self-sustainable manner;
  • Project title: "Social Economy Start Up - Support for the establishment of self-sustainable social enterprises"; Contract: POCU/449/4/16/128449.
  • This aims to monitor and meet the need for socio-medical care for single people, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases. Areas with isolated populations, with difficult access to personal care resources, medical services and emergency services, but also urban areas, with many people living alone, will be targeted.

2. Participation in accelerators and incubators:

  • a) StartupReaktor
    GuardianAngelNet was selected for the international incubation program Startup Reaktor (www.startupreaktor.com ), held by ROTSA (Romanian Tech Startups Association), www.rotsa.ro , in partnership with Techcellerator and Rōnin, where it participated in weekly workshops and meetings with mentors and investors.
  • b) RubikHub Alpha Startup for USA
    GuardianAngelNet was accepted into the Alpha Startups Accelerator – Road to the USA incubation program (www.rubikhub.ro/alpha-startups) in partnership with Rubik Hub and Global Kinetics from Silicon Valley, supported by the Northeast Regional Development Agency.