1. What is myInfoBand?

myInfoBand is a portable, shareable online medical wallet, available as an annual subscription service, that offers the ability to upload, store and quickly access personal and medical data in case of emergency, at the doctor, hospital or when traveling. This service allows the owners of support products with QR code and the holders of accounts and profiles in the myInfoBand application to benefit from a high degree of safety and comfort in unforeseen medical situations, but also in the usual medical monitoring (family doctor, attending physician, chronic diseases, disabilities, etc.).

In addition to these essential functions, myInfoBand is structured as a complete ecosystem that connects users, family and emergency physicians, but also other medical specialists, such as oncologists, cardiologists or neurologists, to ensure adequate medical monitoring of the patient. The myInfoBand application also helps to digitize users' personal archive, structuring it in orderly fields, by categories of information and conditions, to be accessed quickly and easily by medical professionals.

Thus, users can retrieve information and documents that they upload to their profile (from the personal archive) but also add data and documents generated by their own medical services, eliminating the need to "walk the papers" for periodic checks or consultations, as well as the risk of forget about them, to have incomplete information and documentation All this makes the online medical wallet an essential tool for health care and the prevention of unforeseen medical situations, in order to improve the degree of awareness and medical assistance at the individual and collective level.

By using myInfoBand by everyone in the potential ecosystem, the need to hold physical/paper archives, copy, transport personal and medical documents, the risk of medical errors in medical emergencies, diagnoses based on incomplete information is reduced. In this way, we reduce the carbon footprint, contribute to improving health, increase the degree of trust in the doctor/clinic/insurer-patient/insured relationship. Our partners benefit from such increased conversion rates and a high degree of customer retention.

2. Who can benefit from the myInfoBand service?

A. Private individuals

  • elderly
  • children
  • people with chronic and acute conditions
  • people with disabilities
  • travel, mountain trips and climbing enthusiasts
  • motorcyclists, cyclists, extreme sports, performance athletes, amateur athletes
  • refugees/emigrants
  • tourists
  • people far away from their family (emigrants in the Diaspora, going to work abroad)
  • friends and family members of all of the above

B. Doctors: family, general practitioners (cardiologists, oncologists, endocrinologists, etc.);

C. Emergency personnel (Ambulance, SMURD, UPU, Firefighters, Firefighters, etc.)

D. Clinics/hospitals;

E. Health/Life/Travel Insurers.

3. Subscription price

Given our commitment to sustainability and service development, as well as supporting vulnerable people, we have taken the decision to set affordable prices for subscriptions (such as annual, not monthly) support products and special packages offered by myInfoBand. In this regard, we have developed the following price options:

Subscription (Annual): 40 euro + VAT

Standard Package: 57 euro + VAT (first 12 months, then 40 euro + VAT/year)

Family package: 102,5 euro + VAT (first 12 months, then 72 euro + VAT/year)

We have made sure that these prices are affordable for everyone without negatively affecting our services and products. We are proud to be able to offer such pricing options and are dedicated to continuing our commitment to sustainability, service development and supporting vulnerable people, while also encouraging the bottom line of our social enterprise. We offer discounts of 10-20% if you use codes from Promoters, Doctors, Partners (clinics, insurers). Also, considering the assumed social mission, for vulnerable people who are supported by NGOs/associations/foundations that carry out social, medical activities, etc., we provide substantial discounts of more than 50% of the above prices, based on contract/partnership with the respective association/foundation.