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What is myInfo Band®?

myInfo Band® is a service developed by a social enterprise (GuardianAngel.NET) to help vulnerable people (older/aged, children, chronic disease, people in risks, refugees, any other persons) easily upload, keep, manage and access their personal and medical data into an online account.This will be in a form of a medical online portable wallet, stored in a cloud, accessed by: a mobile (and soon web desktop) application published in AppStore(iOS) and Google Play (Android and equivalent), called myInfoBand or by: a wearable silicone bracelet and/or a card and/or stickers , all engraved with dynamic and unique QR code. Scanning that QR code with any mobile device by using camera or QR scanner can upload your personal and medical profile in a "landing page" in web browser, on mobile.

This app offers interfaces and specific roles and functions for: customers and their family (parents, children, partners, relatives), emergency care/doctors, family doctors, promoters, and re-sellers. You can upload any personal and medical data there, at least mandatory with your name and a mobile phone number. In rest, you decide what to fill, upload, who can access. We develop a dynamic access tool to allow any customers to decide whether a specific field information and related document to be public accessible or only private, based on registered users (as medical emergency personnel or family doctors).You can share, deny, re-share your profile with family doctors (for them to correct your medical info or upload medical documents). Also, you can create accounts for your children and grandparents (without mobile phone number) and get connected to this. We are developing a feature to instant warn emergency contact mobile numbers if a specific QR is scanned by an emergency registered doctor to instant signal that your beloved needs emergency assistance.

All you need to use this app is a mobile smartphone with Internet access, with iOS or Android (or similar OS). The application can be downloaded at .

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In short

Why choose myInfo Band®?

Medical wallet

Get a complete medical history quickly.

No medical errors

Uploading and efficient management of the medical profile.

Contact information

In case of emergency, close people will be contacted.


Your medical history is always with you.

Product combinations

The combinations are offered to individuals, but also to LPAs / organizations.
The prices below include VAT.


• one account & profile
• one bracelet

• 2 stickers
• one card
• 12 month subscription

57,97 euro*



• one account & profile
• 1 bracelet
• 1 card
• 2 stickers
• 12 month subscription



• 1 profile
• 1 bracelet
• 1 card
• 2 stickers
• 12 month subscription

104,35 euro**

*for the first 12 months, than 40,73 Euro + VAT/year

**for the first 12 months, than 73,31 Euro + VAT/year

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