Manage your health data in a simple and efficient way with your portable and shareable online medical wallet.

Accessible anytime and anywhere, upload to the application all the necessary personal and medical information and documents so that doctors can make correct, informed decisions, and your loved ones can be aware of your health status.

What is myInfoBand®?

myInfoBand® is an eHealth digital ecosystem that groups together individuals, doctors, emergency personnel, promoters and resellers, partners such as clinics, hospitals, insurers, NGOs in an organized manner, to build and manage together the electronic "personal medical record", online, portable and shareable.

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Take care of your loved ones

myinfoband® helps you organize important medical information for you and all family members.

Useful in emergency situations

Your medical history will be displayed when scanning the QR code, so the emergency personnel can access critical information.

Why choose myInfoBand?

Electronic wallet

myInfoBand is based on a Digital Medical File -annual subscription type - which contains the wearer's personal and medical data.

Digital documents

myInfoBand allows you to upload or download documents (PDF, JPG) and share them with your doctor or other family members.


myInfoBand allows you to upload documents such as passport, medical insurance, plane ticket, which can be very useful during a trip.

Data security

myInfoBand ensures the confidentiality and security of personal and medical data by implementing strict protection protocols.

Profile sharing

Your myInfoBand account can host both your profile and other profiles, and can be shared with your doctors and other myInfoBand users;

Support products

myInfoBand has 3 types of support products, engraved with a unique QR code (silicone wristbands, PVC card and stickers) through which the medical file can be accessed.

How does it work?

STEP 1. Complete yourmedical and personal information in your profile

STEP 2. Purchase support products engraved with unique QR code

STEP 3. Share your profile with other family members and your doctors and therapists.

STEP 4. In case of an emergency, your code can be scanned in a very easy way.

Your medical history,organized in one place.

Chronic disease management

The medical history contains detailed information about medical conditions.

Medical documents

Upload and download digital medical documents from the app (PDF, Word).


Your allergies may cause harmful or unwanted physiological responses.


Data and documents related to the administration of vaccines can be added.


Keep track of the medication prescribed by the doctor.

Mental health

Track the progress of your psychological well-being.

What are the roles of myInfoBand?

Registered customer

After creating the myInfoBand account, the customer can complete their profile with personal and medical information, and send sharing invitations to doctors and other myInfoBand users.


The doctor can fully access the data and documents from the patient's profile (right to view, edit, modify, delete, etc.).

Emergency personnel

By scanning the QR code, ambulance personnel will have access, from the account/app, to the entire medical record and can add Findings and Interventions, information that is immediately visible to those to whom the profile is shared.

Choose one of the myInfoBand packages

The prices below include VAT.


• one account & profile
• one bracelet

• 2 stickers
• one card
• 12 month subscription

57,97 euro*



• one account & profile
• 1 bracelet
• 1 card
• 2 stickers
• 12 month subscription



• 1 profile
• 1 bracelet
• 1 card
• 2 stickers
• 12 month subscription

104,35 euro**

*for the first 12 months, than 40,73 Euro + VAT/year

**for the first 12 months, than 73,31 Euro + VAT/year

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