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QR codes and personal data

The term QR is an acronym for Quick Response. QR codes are similar to barcodes, being square (two-dimensional) and easy to scan / read. The data stored in a QR code can be of different types such as: text, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, addresses of some websites or web pages, etc. QR codes do NOT contain chips or other electronic markers, they are similar to barcodes, like drawings applied to a product. Therefore, QR codes do NOT allow owner monitoring.

A dynamic QR code never stores data and information directly. It stores a URL that redirects the user to the target data and information.

Therefore, the data associated with the account / profile of a dynamic QR code can be edited at any time. You do not need to create a new QR code each time you want to edit the stored content online.

In the case of dynamic QR codes, which are engraved/printed on wristbands, stickers and PVC cards, the data is encrypted and stored on the company's own server, protected from prying eyes and kept secure.

Scanning a Dynamic QR code generates a functional URL, unique to each owner / customer, which accesses an online Database, where data, information and documents uploaded by the customer are stored and encrypted. As a utility, personal data is needed so that doctors / paramedics who view it by scanning the QR code can better understand your health prior to an incident / emergency. Personal contact details (addresses, phone number, etc.) are required in the event that someone close to you needs to be contacted in the event of an incident requiring close contact.

Yes, you can change the content associated with a dynamic QR code. So a dynamic QR code has a predefined design and allows you to modify its content without having to generate another dynamic QR code. Thus, modifying/editing the product owner's data does not depend on the QR code on the product, but can be done directly from the application.

The easiest way to scan a QR code is by using your mobile device. Most 'smartphones', both IOS and Android, have such QR code readers included in the main camera settings. To scan the QR code, all you need to do is point your phone's camera at the QR code and it will be scanned, then a link to its contents will be automatically generated.

If you have the myInfoBand® mobile app installed, open the app, make sure you are on the "Home" section and go to the "Scan QR" option. Scan the QR code on the wristband and you will be redirected to your profile (all your profile information will be displayed and available for editing / adding / changing).

If you don't have the myInfoBand® mobile app installed, you can either use your phone's camera or install any app designed for reading/scanning QR codes (they are easily found in the "smartphone" app store and are free).

In order to be able to access information about the owner of the product, when scanning the QR code, the code reader must have an internet connection (GSM / WIFI).

1) Open your phone / tablet camera from any mobile device or use any free QR Code Scanner (downloadable from the iOS or Android app store). If you have the myInfoBand® mobile app installed, open the app and go to the "QR Scanner" section.

2) Point the camera / tablet camera at the QR code on the product, adjust the image to focus the QR code, and wait for the QR code to scan automatically.

3) If you are not logged in, you will view the essential (public) information on your mobile device. If you are logged in, you will view essential (public) and detailed (private) information.

4) To access detailed medical information, repeat steps 1 - 3 provided the user opens the myInfoBand® mobile app, is logged into the account (or logged in if not logged in), is an authorized person and uses the app to scan the QR code. If the user is the customer who purchased the product (indicated at purchase), provided they are logged into the account, their profile will open when scanning the QR code. If the user is an authorized medical professional, a screen will open with public/essential information, private/detailed information and a description field for findings and interventions (for emergency cases, where the ambulance doctor can enter the description of the maneuvers he/she performed on the spot).

5) Log in to your personal account using the myInfoBand® app installed on your device and view and edit/fill in/modify/update the public and private information and medical documents in your account, i.e. your profile.

While the QR code can be accessed with any smartphone or tablet, unauthorized persons can only access the holder's essential and public information. WARNING: the account/profile holder can and is the only one who decides which of this information, uploaded in the "public information" area, should also be displayed "publicly" when scanned by an "anonymous" reader. Authorized persons (UPU, Ambulance, SMURD, family doctors, Fire Brigade, Mountain Rescue, etc.) will have full access to access both essential (public) and detailed (private) information. The holder's information is stored in a database with differentiated access by role, in order to protect the rights of all myInfoBand® product holders.

If the product owner allows access to the data regardless of the role of the QR reader, both public and private information will be viewable by anyone (authorized/unauthorized).

The information stored online and accessible via the QR code is divided into two categories: essential and public which are represented by the generic information of the holder, respectively detailed and private which are represented by the detailed medical information and medical documents of the holder.

Essential / public information (first name, last name, phone number, home address, emergency contact details, blood type, COVID 19 green / vaccination certificate, etc.) is visible on any scan of the QR code by any type of user / reader if you set it so.

Detailed / private (medical) information is only accessible / visible to authorized medical personnel (GP, doctor, UPU, SMURD, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Rescue etc.). However, you have the possibility to decide that also these some personal data will be accessible to anyone who scans the QR code, in case you travel to another country (the display interface will be in Romanian and in English) or to another city / county, where we do not have a protocol with authorized medical staff. This option of displaying the data to anyone who scans the code can be activated by setting the public setting of that information directly from the application but will not be sharing specific medical information, but only those of a personal nature Ex: (CNP, Address, Phone number, Height etc.)

Switching from Romanian to English is done by the following steps: My Account > Settings > Account > RO/EN (located in the top right corner). Or from HomePage>RO/EN (located in the top right corner).

User account and profile

To create a new user account, go to either the myInfoBand® mobile app or the Website and select the create account section. Once you access this section, you have three possibilities:

1) If your account was generated by an administrator, go to the account creation page and enter the email and password from which it was generated. Once the email has been entered, you will be required to set a unique password for your account and mandatory to confirm your age, agreement to the GDPR Policy and agreement to the Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as other options. Once you have followed the steps described above, your account is successfully created.

2) Create a new account based on email and password - it is mandatory to enter correctly: email address, first name, last name, phone number and a password.

Once the fields have been filled in, you will receive an SMS containing an OTP code on the declared phone number to validate it. Enter the OTP code in the displayed interface and press the "Continue" button.

Optionally, you will be able to enter a MEDIC CODE or PROMOTER CODE.
If you have received such a code from someone else, enter the code in the field shown and you will receive a discount on the first order you place in your personal account. If you do not have such a code, press the "Continue" button without filling in the displayed field.

 Did you receive the product as a gift or you bought it from a reseller? YES!

If you have received as a gift or purchased a myInfoBand® product from a reseller, press the "YES" button on the displayed screen.

Scan the QR code engraved on the wristband to identify the profile. Press the "Scan QR " button and you will be redirected to the camera of your device. Bring the camera close to the product code so that the image is in focus and the content of the QR code is clearly visible. Once it has been scanned, the message "Successfully scanned" will be displayed and further on you will need to enter your wristband ID. Press the "Enter Product ID" button.

Fill in the product ID in the displayed field. The product ID is unique for each user, the ID is found on the sticker (wristband), and in the case of stickers and cards directly on them. Once you have entered it, press the "Continue" button.

Please confirm that you are over the age of 18, agree to the GDPR Policy and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use and other options. Optionally, you can confirm that you want to receive information about Offers and Promotions, and you can agree to Data Processing for statistical purposes. Click the "Create Account" button.

Your account was successfully created.

 Did you receive the product as a gift or you bought it from a reseller? NO!

If you did not receive a myInfoBand® product as a gift or did not purchase it from a reseller, press the "NO" button.

Please confirm that you are over the age of 18, agree to the GDPR Policy and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use and other options. Optionally, you can confirm that you want to receive information about Offers and Promotions, and you can agree to Data Processing for statistical purposes. Click the "Create Account" button.

Your account was successfully created.

3) Create a new account using an existing Facebook account: using the data saved in the existing Facebook profile, the following will be automatically retrieved: profile picture, first name, last name and phone number and the user profile will be automatically created in the myInfoBand® mobile application. Once you have entered your Facebook account details, you will be required to: validate your phone number to confirm your identity and mandatory age confirmation, agree to the GDPR Policy and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as other options. You will receive an OTP code via SMS, which you enter in the displayed field.

After entering the OTP code, follow the steps described above in step 2) to complete the account creation.


  • You have purchased from a reseller;
  • Your employer gave you a gift;
  • You received as a donation.

Technical support will create generic accounts that will be included in the package.

After "Login", in order to use the myInfoBand® service, you have to change the generic data to your personal data.

If you forget your password, go to either the myInfoBand® mobile app or the Website and select the "Create Account" section. Once in the create account section, enter your account email. After entering your email, you will be redirected to the password entry interface. Below the password entry field, you will find the option to "Reset password". Press this option and follow the next steps: fill in the required field with the email address you declared when creating your account, then you will receive an email with an OTP code to confirm your identity. Enter in the required fields the code received by e-mail and the new password (you need to enter it twice to confirm its correctness). If you have filled in the fields correctly, the password will be successfully changed.

In order to manage your client account, you need to log in and see the following instructions:

1) Log in to your account.

You can do this in two different ways: using the myInfoBand® mobile app or directly on the WEB platform If you already have the myInfoBand® app installed, open the mobile app, go to the "Scan QR" option on the main screen of the app which will direct you to your account and profile.

2) Enter your email and password.

Enter the email and password you set when you purchased / activated your account. Press the "Connect" button to continue.

3) Open the account settings.

To access your account settings, click on the "Account settings" option in the menu at the bottom right of the page.

4) Change the password.

If you want to change your password, you can do so in the account settings, section "Change password".

To reset your password, you must enter the new password in the first field and enter the new password again in the second field for confirmation.

After entering the new password, press the "Continue" button.

This way, the next time you sign in to your account, you'll be required to enter your new password when you sign in.

5) Deleting the customer account.

If you want to delete your client account, you can do so in the account settings, "Delete account" section.

To delete the account, a notification will be displayed regarding your agreement to delete the client account, and you are allowed to add the reason why you wish to delete the account. Once you agree, this action is irreversible. All your data and documents will be permanently deleted and your customer account will no longer be accessible.

Yes, you can change your myInfoBand® client/owner account data, uploaded information, files and documents at any time. Our company encourages customers/holders of wristbands, PVC cards and stickers to update and fill in their medical data and documents as often as possible to ensure that their personal, medical information and medical documents are up-to-date.

You decide what data you upload to your profile. We have set a minimum of information to upload in the myInfoBand® product owner profile fields (owner name, phone number, a contact person). Other information such as residence address, blood type, age/date of birth in the public information area or detailed personal and medical data in the private information area are not mandatory to fill in.
You also have the possibility to set the viewing rights for each information field. This allows you to upload all the information and documents appropriate to each field and to set display restrictions, which you can return to later, depending on your situation.

Yes, there are two different scenarios for this:

  1. Any user/person has access to general personal data, if they scan your product. MyInfoband. (This data can only be edited by authorized Family Doctor/Emergency Personnel).
  2. There is the possibility to share the profile to other users via the unique code of each profile. After sending the invitation to share, it is necessary that this invitation is accepted, so personal information can be viewed/edited by the person who sent the invitation.

If you no longer want a person to have access to your profile, you can withdraw that person's sharing access.

Personal information can be public or personal depending on how you choose (this can be set from the application by simply clicking a button next to each piece of information.)

myInfoBand® products

When a myInfoBand® product is lost/stolen, the owner will report the loss in the mobile app/website under "Products and subscription". Search the list of products (if there are several products associated in the owner's profile) for the lost product and select one of the options by pressing the 3 dots displayed next to it:

  • "Lock the product"- automatically, it will block the display of the data generated by the URL+ID related to the product.
  • "Request new product" - the owner will be assigned a new ID, based on which the profile of the previous ID will be queried and displayed, i.e. another QR code will be generated and engraved/printed on a new product to be shipped to the customer, if he chooses this option (in this case the customer will only bear the cost of generating the product).
  • No, none of the products contain any integrated circuit elements or other electronic elements. A QR code (similar to a barcode) is engraved (printed) on the product which stores a URL or text in its design. The QR code does not contain any electronic elements and does not affect the health of the user.
  • We have created this product/service with the need for privacy, trust and security for the owner of the PVC bracelet/sticker/card in mind. Our company does NOT use embedded chips in products and we believe that we can help people without such elements. The information, in the case of the dynamic QR code, is stored dynamically in a database and does NOT "track" you, but is available when the QR code is scanned. The process is similar to a bank card giving you access to your bank account and your money.

myInfoBand® products are activated as soon as they are ready for dispatch. Once the product has reached the customer, the customer must activate/create their customer account, if not already activated/created. To activate/create the account either follow the activation instructions, which can be found in the product box, or follow the steps outlined above in the section "Account and user profile".

The bracelet consists of a soft silicone strap and a plastic / metal plate where the QR code is engraved.

Yes, the bracelet is water resistant. We do not recommend washing it because at certain temperatures or substances, the QR code may be damaged and it will no longer be possible to scan / read it.

Measure your wrist as shown in the figure below.

Write on a piece of paper the number indicated next to the metal end of the meter, then choose your size according to the size chart in the offer.

Are you between sizes? Always choose the smaller size. If you have any questions or the bracelet will be donated, please contact us and we will help.

If, upon delivery of the myInfoBand® product, you find that it is defective or does not conform to the seller's description, the seller is obliged to repair the product or replace it, at no additional charge.
In some cases, the seller may decide with the customer whether the customer wishes to return the product and receive a full refund. As a general rule, the customer can request a full refund only if repair or replacement is not possible.

The product warranty is 6 months from the time of delivery to the customer.

Product order and delivery

The bracelets are delivered anywhere in Romania or abroad, with the condition of payment for transport by the buyer. Thus, we can deliver anywhere in the world, by courier (FAN Courier in Romania).

No, changes cannot be made once the order has been placed. We understand that mistakes can be made and allow customers to preview their order at the time of purchase before making payment. This way, if there is an error or the customer wants to change the information, they will be able to make changes. Once payment has been made and the order has been placed, NO further changes can be made. However, you can make changes to the profiles of the owners of the products you have ordered (as long as they allow you access to their data).

If you have problems with your order, please send us an e-mail to and we will reply as soon as possible.

If the package does not reach you or you are not a courier contact, please follow the following helpful tips:

  • Check the tracking number (AWB) to confirm that the package was / will be delivered to your address and not to a nearby access point.
  • Please confirm that there are no tracking number (AWB) activity log updates stating that the item has been returned to the sender.
  • Contact your courier company for your package. Call 021 9336 (normal call, no surcharge) - FAN Courier.

If all the above steps have been taken and you still cannot find your package, please send us an e-mail to

Your tracking number is included in the email sent to confirm the shipment of the placed order.

To place an order, follow these steps:

Access the myInfoBand® mobile app or the eShop on the WEB platform Select the service and the corresponding product type by pressing the "Add to cart" button. Once the service and the related product have been added to the basket, follow the necessary steps to make the payment and complete the order.

1) Cash on delivery

Payment will be made in LEI, in full, to the courier agent at the time of delivery of the package. Refund payment can be made for the subscription / subscription for the first year of use, plus the selected QR code bracelet product (s). Upon expiration of the term of service, you will be notified to enter in your account the data of a bank card that can be debited to continue the subscription.

Cash on delivery is only possible in Romania.

2) Online by credit/debit card
It uses the Netopia payment processor, which allows you to save your card details for future orders. This option can be enabled/disabled at the time of payment.

3) Payment order (PO)

The payment order (or, more simply, the PO) is the document you have to fill in when you want to make a transfer from your account to another person (it can be an individual or a legal entity, called a beneficiary).

Orders are only placed online, within the Application or Website. At the phone number indicated in the application / Website we can assist and guide you in the process of placing your order online.

No, no changes can be made once the order has been placed. We understand that mistakes can be made and we allow customers to preview the order at the time of purchase before making a payment. This way, if there is an error or the customer wants to change the information, they will be able to make changes. Once the payment has been made and the order has been placed, no further changes will be possible. However, if, for example, you want the bracelet and the subscription not to be associated with the original person (you or someone else), you can change the bracelet owner's details and delivery dates, provided you do so within a maximum of 24 hours. when sending the order and paying for the service and the associated product (s).

Confirmations are sent by email. After completing your order, please check your shopping cart. If you find the products in your cart, then your order has not been completed or processed. When an order is processed correctly, you will receive a copy of the order at your email address (your shopping cart will not contain products).

The products are delivered all over the country by FAN Courier. Outside the country (Europe), products will be delivered via DHL/FedEx.
The parcel with the products will reach you within 1 - 3 working days from the moment we hand over the parcel to the courier (in the country).
Delivery is free of charge if the order value exceeds 500 LEI.
If the order value is less than 500 LEI, the delivery cost is 20 lei within the country (the delivery cost may vary depending on the area where it will be delivered, for rural areas other fees will be charged compared to urban areas) and outside the country the total cost will be calculated depending on the country and city where it will be delivered.

According to the Romanian legislation in force, the consumer CANNOT return a product if the product ordered was made according to his requests, namely personalized products with a UNIQUE QR code or those that by their nature cannot be returned (those containing images or texts personalized to the customer's choice).

Product categories excluded from the possibility of return:

- Customized products;

- Other products in categories that by their nature can be customized.

Products are not returned because they are not similar to the photos in the product description. The photos in the description are for presentation only and are informative.

The products made to order, customized according to the client's specifications cannot be returned according to Ord. 130/2000 Chap. 2 Art. 10, letter c) - contracts for the supply of products executed according to the consumer's specifications or of distinctly personalized products, as well as those which, by their nature, cannot be returned or which can degrade or deteriorate rapidly.

Thus, products related to the myInfoBand® service may NOT be returned.


The customer has in the menu "My account"-->About GuardianAngel.NET the contact details for support: e-mail: , phone number : +40745395111 which is the phone number of the Customer Care employee and is available between 08-16:00 on working days.
In the same interface there is also a Contact Us link, which if you click on it will open an interface to enter subject and message, i.e. send us a new message directly through the application.