Star Assembly & Star Transmission are committed to supporting and improving the lives of children with autism through a sponsorship to UCOS Foudation "One Child, One Hope" and we are delighted to be part of this joint effort to support these children and their families.

Through this collaboration, STA offers the necessary support for Digitizing the medical file/history of a number of 200 children with ASD syndrome (autism spectrum disorders) and a parent/guardian/relative of each child so that they have all the medical data always with them, in an organized way and easily accessible by doctors and emergency personnel.

GuardianAngel.NET took care of preparing and delivering 200 myInfoBand Family packages to children with ASD, who need specialized and individualized medical care, but also good communication and collaboration between different people involved in their care. The 200 packages will reach UCOS and they will distribute to 100 of the families of children with ASD supported by them, but also to the recovery center for children "Gepetto" in Alba Iulia of the ACASA association (100 packages).

These bundles contain unlimited myInfoBand Family subscriptions, as well as supporting products engraved with a unique QR code, such as adjustable wristbands, cards and stickers. 

UCOS is a foundation that supports children with autism and their families through personalized therapy, education and counseling programs. STA joins this important mission and provides the necessary help to contribute to the growth and development of these children.

Thank you!